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Art, craft and all things homemade have never been more popular and the trend for working from home continues apace. But it can be tricky to carve out a space in your house that lets you indulge your passion or earn a living from your creativity. Studio and study spaces are special places - full of creative spirit and practical potential - and there's never been a greater demand for a book that shows you how to carve out a corner that allows you to not only practice your craft, but inspires and facilitates the very work you create. Real-life case studies from seven different countries, ranging from crafters, writers, designers and artists, show readers just what can be achieved on every budget. Many of the studio owners featured have a dedicated and ever-expanding social media following, including fashion designers Kiel James Patrick and Sarah Vickers, woodworker Ariele Alasko, designer Sarah Sherman Samuel, fine artist Lisa Congdon and decor8 blogger Holly Becker. Detailed chapters outline the vital pieces needed to create a functioning and inspirational studio space, while also taking an in-depth look into different styles of studios for craft and creative activities. With Studio , Sally Coulthard shows you that spaces for creativity can be easy to make, look beautiful, and fitted into any home.

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The Secret Life of Sarah Meads
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Sarah Meads feels unappreciated. The South Australian mother of three works hard, and still has to deal with an absentee husband and a psychotic work colleague. When she catches the eye of the handsome and mysterious gypsy Antonio at the local school fete, she decides to bring a little excitement back into her life. But all magic comes at a cost, and hers might just be her sanity. Review 'Supremely well written; walking side-by-side with Sarah is relatable, funny, and poignant. How does a woman juggle her many roles? What does her partner see after many years of marriage, and take advantage of when he is able? How can Sarah balance children and a career? This story will 'hit home' with many readers. But more importantly, ask you the questions that you may have been secretly asking yourself. I highly suggest for a book club pick - just make sure you have plenty of wine on hand!' 5* Glynis Goodreads 'I really, really enjoyed THE SECRET LIFE OF SARAH MEADS. It is a debut novel for V.K. Tritschler and I can't wait until she writes another one - well she has - it is being edited now. I related, to a certain extent, with Sarah. Her mother and father is my mother and father to a T. Sadly my father is no longer with us - but mum? Yep just like Sarah's. Balancing work and motherhood - also struck a chord. Luckily my children are now all grown up with children of their own - but gee it was hard for a while. AND, unlike Sarah, my hubby played a huge part in the parenting roles. So didn't relate to a Richard character in my life - although my sister certainly could with her husband!!! I love it when I connect with the characters in a book. The storyline covers some pretty heavy stuff; bullying, mental health, family relationships to name but a few. But the way it is written allows you to understand what is happening without descending into the pits of despair.' 5* Sally Goodreads 'Fans of Bridget Jones are in for a treat with this story of a stale marriage that goes painfully--and hilariously--awry. Sarah Meads is married, working mum, but life hasn't been as well, happy as what it should be. Enter the meddling Antonio who wants to give Sarah a push for his own reasons and what follows is a journey of self-discovery and letting go. This was a fun refreshing tale, written by a South Australian author. It's not afraid to send up contemporary family life and the story is all the better for it. ' ~ Kathryn White, Author/Critic, and Blogger About the Author VK Tritschler is a native New Zealander, who is now residing in Port Lincoln, South Australia. She had been a member of Eyre Writers (an established author and writers group) since 2010 and has been an active writer since youth. This is her first published book and uses her background as a mother, woman, and degree in Psychology.

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Sieben Tage lang dreht Michelangelo, ein junger Blogger, mit seinem Mobiltelefon in einem New Yorker Modehaus Hintergrundinterviews, während Merlin, ein Modedesigner mit familiären Wurzeln im Nahen Osten, die Präsentation seiner jüngsten Kollektion vorbereitet. Aus den Aussagen der Interviewten - darunter Minx (ein berühmtes Supermodel), Tiny Diamonds (der Finanzier im Hintergrund), Anita de Los Angeles (eine Näherin), Vijay (Pizzabote), Frank (Kriegsfotograf) und Mona Carvell (Kritikerin) - entsteht die bitter-komische Zustandsbeschreibung einer krisengeschüttelten Branche. In ihr sorgen die Globalisierung und eine stagnierende Wirtschaft für verschärfte Arbeitsbedingungen und eine wachsende Kluft zwischen Schein und Sein. Unterdessen wird Michelangelo für die Beteiligten zum Hauptansprechpartner: Nachdem ein Model auf dem Laufsteg zu Tode gekommen ist und daraufhin in einer Mordsache ermittelt wird, gewinnen seine Interviews den Charakter von Beichten. Eine Welt, die der Oberflächlichkeit verfallen ist, wird unter dem sanften Blick eines Kindes auf den Kopf gestellt - und dabei verfügt Michelangelo doch ausschliesslich über die Werkzeuge seiner Generation: über Internet und Handy. Pressezitate: 'Die britische Filmemacherin Sally Potter ('Orlando') ist bekannt für ihre sperrigen, fordernden und kopflastigen Filmessays. In 'Rage' treibt sie ihren Experimentiertrieb auf die Spitze: Eine strenge und schwer bekömmliche Versuchsanordnung, in der ihre Starriege (Jude Law, Judi Dench etc.) lediglich als Talking Heads vor farbigem Hintergrund auftreten.' ( 'Thrillerhaftes Rätselspiel über einen tödlichen Unfall bei einer New Yorker Modenschau, der sich als Mord erweist.' (Blickcpunkt: Film)

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