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Here are tips and tools for managing life after maternity leave. Based on the popular blog The Babyjuggler: Three kids, Two jobs, One life, winner of the December 2008 ´´Best of the British Mummy Blogger Carnival´´, this audiobook gives you the lowdown on how to survive your return to the world of work after the birth of your first baby. Everyone knows women can ´´have it all” these days, but this guide shows you how to avoid the ´´doing it all” syndrome, which leaves so many working mothers totally exhausted and stressed. Author Sara Lloyd is the mother of three children under six and also works for a major publishing company, in charge of their Digital Publishing Division. In her own words she is ´´a working mum of three. That statement in itself is already loaded. Being a mum should be regarded as a job in and of itself, of course... but that phrase is always used to describe someone who (possibly quite madly) undertakes paid work as well as the unpaid / highly versatile sort that comes under the general banner of ´mothering´. That´s what I do.” Topics Include Navigating those ´´Returning to Work” wardrobe worries Dropping the ´´Bad Mother” Guilt-Fest Tips on how to pace yourself in the first weeks back at work Setting precedents for your work/life balance How to ´´stay calm and carry on” Work it Baby, Work it! – Tips on how to make every minute count! Dealing with Emergencies 1. Language: English. Narrator: Adjoa Andoh. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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